Installing the Flutter SDK on a Mac using VIM

Posted by Coding Yoda on December 19th, 2018

I thought I'd make a quick video on installing the Flutter SDK on a Mac using VIM.

Flutter let's you to create native apps for Android and IOS using the Dart programming language

You can watch the video for installing Flutter here.

Steps for Setting Up Flutter

You need to download the SDK from the flutter website here.

Once the zip folder has downloaded, unzip the file and save the folder on your mac(remember the path to were the flutter folder is saved.)

Open you're Terminal and type
vim $HOME/.bash_profile
Press shift and the letter 'i'. Then type the below replacing [PATH_TO_FLUTTER_GIT_DIRECTORY] with the path to your flutter sdk folder.

Then press 'ESC', then ':x' to exit and save.

You can check if Flutter is installed correctly by typing 'flutter doctor' into your terminal.

Thanks for watching and I hope this helps.