Auto run a node.js app on when your EC2 server starts up

Posted by Derek McAuley on June 3rd, 2017

I have a node.js app on an EC2 server but when the server restarts(which it does every two days) the app wasn't starting with it.
I've found an easy solution
By editing the '/etc/rc.local' file you can run a file each time the server starts.

SSH into your server.

Type the below commands:

nano /etc/rc.local

Add the below text:
Replace index.js with your apps name(appname.js)

/home/ubuntu/.nvm/versions/node/v7.7.2/bin/node /home/ubuntu/index.js

To find the location of your node folder type the below command(mine is here '/home/ubuntu/.nvm/versions/node/v7.7.2/bin/node') :

which node
Which command for node

Below is what the file should look like.

Adding the boot command

Press CTL and X to exit the editor, type 'y' to save and then just press enter when prompted with the file name.

Now restart the server:

sudo roboot

Your app will now run each time the server reboots

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